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Chocolate Cardamom Granola

My husband is a huge Indian cuisine fan and he is amazing in cooking those dished too. Thanks to him, we have nearly all the spices you can think off, in our kitchen cupboards. I love cardamom for it’s unique taste. It became more common […]


Vanilla Almond Granola

Adapted from Table for Two I started baking my own granola about 9 months ago. I was always buying cereals at the store and it tasted fine to me. Then I found a recipe in one of my books and made my own one. Since […]

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Green Beans & Rice Salad

Adapted from New York Deli This is a great dish to prepare in advance and to eat for lunch. For the meat lovers simply add some cooked chicken. Makes: 4 Servings Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 25 minutes Ingredients: 1 lb/ 420 g Green beans 9 oz/ 255 g […]


Potato Bread

I love bread! And I even love more making bread! There is something magic and very satisfying about making bread: Simple ingredients such as water, flour, salt and yeast make it possible to create beautiful loaves. A few months ago I posted on another blog, […]


Sunshine Popsicles

A few weeks back, when I went to the craft fair in Santa Ana, my friend Caitlin got herself a popsicle. Also my English friend, Fran emailed me how she recently made some home-made ice cream.  Nectarines and limes were waiting in the fridge to […]

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Nectarine Muffins

I recently spent the afternoon with my friend Jess. I wanted to bring over a little snack to accompany the lavender tea I was bringing along. Since Jess is vegan, I made again a spongy vegan muffin, this time with nectarines. Makes: 12 muffins Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 10 minutes […]

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Pumpkin & Coconut Cake

I figured that I had still quite a few pumpkin purée cans from last thanksgiving and I wanted to use one up. This was a wonderful found. Thank you to Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen for this really amazing recipe. The great thing, you can really prepare it in 10 minutes. It […]


Blueberry Basil Muffins

I was looking for a nice recipe to use up my blueberries and found this wonderful and nearly exotic recipe where blueberries and basil do blend perfectly together. So thanks to Clean Eating Chelsey for posting this recipe! I was able to make 12 muffins as to […]