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Nutty Carrot Coconut Muffins

Adapted from Joy of Baking I made those muffins in the past and they were a real success. My husband asked me over and over to make them again, so today I finally decided to do so adding a few extra ingredients such as the […]


Blue Almond Muffins

It is still blueberry season and I can’t get enough of them! I had to make another variation of blueberry muffins. This one is less dense as the first one I posted. The little added crunch of the slithered almonds make it really interesting as […]


Bounty Muffins

My manager recently went on maternity leave. On her last day, my colleague and I decided to make a little surprise gathering at work. I decided to make muffins and improvised with what I had in my cupboard. The result turned out to be quite […]

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Pumpkin & Coconut Cake

I figured that I had still quite a few pumpkin purée cans from last thanksgiving and I wanted to use one up. This was a wonderful found. Thank you to Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen for this really amazing recipe. The great thing, you can really prepare it in 10 minutes. It […]


Fresh Coconut Water

Simple and pure. Probably the best liquid you can have. Chilled Coconut water straight from the fruit. The coconut meat is a the nice little extra snack which comes with it. Go to the shops and grab one! Maybe add a little umbrella for decoration. […]

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