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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

Adelaide, Australia This weekly photo challenge (Extra)ordinary, is exactly what I love capturing. I love looking for the small things in life. Simple things which do not seem that important but represent beauty in their own way. Such as the corner of a bathtub and some […]


Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbol

Irvine, California Knives are symbol of many things. Mainly pain, betrayal, revenge and sacrifice. However a knife can also be symbol of cutting something bad out and therefore liberating yourself. The Buddhists followed this line of thinking as well. Knives were considered indicative of cutting […]


Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth #2

Irvine, California A bit busy lately with life, not much time to update the blog. Will get back to it ASAP. And also once I’ve figured out how to properly use Lightroom… For now a pretty foggy view from our flat which makes any sort […]


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

Morro Bay, California The ocean is a synonym of serenity to me. Of course the anger sometimes comes up during storms. But this great wide open space calms me down and helps me to be more grounded when everything seems just too much.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Irvine, California Self portrait #2. I am really late with the Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed. I couldn’t find anything in my library and I just didn’t get myself moving to take a picture during the week… until this morning! I just couldn’t miss this challenge […]