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Little Bert’s Hamburgers

Adapted from Feed Your Best Friend Better In my very first post I introduced our dog Albert. He is our good spirit at all times in our little home. Dog owners and lovers will agree when I say that they are just a normal member […]


Nutty Carrot Coconut Muffins

Adapted from Joy of Baking I made those muffins in the past and they were a real success. My husband asked me over and over to make them again, so today I finally decided to do so adding a few extra ingredients such as the […]


Carrot, Apple & Orange Smoothie

Makes: 1/2 litre Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 5 minutes Ingredients: 4 Carrots 2 Oranges 1 Apple So easy and so refreshing. Method: 1. Juice the carrots and the apple. 2. Squeeze your oranges. 3. Combine. You can also add a little bit of ginger. I just run out when […]

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