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Gift Bag

Adapted from Elli Last week, my manager needed a bag to send over a present to another place. We didn’t have any wrapping paper or gift bag so I quickly asked my friend Google what he had on offer that day. I clicked on this blog […]

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Handmade Apron

I am a real sewing novice. I tried a few tote bags but nothing looks very professional I believe. I started with an IKEA sewing machine and had real trouble with it, until my friend Gabi, who knows a bit more about sewing, mentioned that […]


Green Presents

My German grand mother and my French grand father, both had a real green thumb. My grand ma’ would have a lovely veggie patch in her garden, where we could snack fresh peas. My French grand dad always had the most beautiful flowers on his […]

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Photo Booth Props

What you’ll need: 1 hot glue gun Wooden sticks Thick paper The most difficult part I believe is to draw the props. Maybe it is just me. My drawing skills are not the best.