Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed


Irvine, California

Self portrait #2.

I am really late with the Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed. I couldn’t find anything in my library and I just didn’t get myself moving to take a picture during the week… until this morning! I just couldn’t miss this challenge because I just loved the topic.

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Tea. Music. Waves. Sun. Food. Creations. Laughs. Stills. Moments.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed”

    • Hah thanks! I literally just hold a flash light in one hand and pushed the button on my camera with my other hand! (I still haven’t figured out the timer on my camera… I need to play more with it!)

      • haha.. that is interesting. I thought it was on a tripod and timer was set! Good one

      • Well the camera was on the bathroom cupboard (yes taken in the bathroom. Only room which has no natural day light coming in. Also may I mention that the cat was having his breakfast next to the camera whilst taking my picture? Luckily we have this spare bathroom for him. How to unwrap the whole behind-the-scenes in one comment!)

      • haha.. behind the scene info is interesting πŸ˜€ So this is a bathroom selfie πŸ˜€ Cool

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