3 thoughts on “Connected”

  1. Mmmmm. Your POV is spectacular! I really love “from the ground up” views.. Even if what you’re on is in the air. ;]

    • Again thank you for your kind feedback Bettina. POV is everything in photography right? You can make look very dull things suddenly rather interesting, like a old rusty wall 🙂

      • Very, very much agreed. It’s something I get the most positive comments on, usually. Another thing I think I’ve heard, strangely enough, is commentary on the ‘lived in’ feel of my photos. You always read things about how you need to ‘set the room’ for creating an environment as well- Whereas I find it adds a certain persona to most of my work. ::smiles::

        You just have to know how to draw your eyes elsewhere in the photo! ;D

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