Weekly Photo Challenge: Between


Between. Capture something in the middle of two things. It can be a person or object, or simply the space in between. It can also be a feeling or relationship — a bond that connects people, or a space that separates. This word might also reflect a choice you need to make — the challenge of choosing one thing over another — or any kind of transition, from childhood to adulthood, single life to married life, day to night.

It is the relationship between a father and his son. The bond. The trust which lays between the two of them.

Santa Barbara, California.

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Tea. Music. Waves. Sun. Food. Creations. Laughs. Stills. Moments.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between”

  1. Hi Nathalie. This is a nice photo and I thought a lot about it and would like to have your help. Why did you reduce the saturation so much going nearly black and white. It’s a beautiful and very sharp photo. Would the focus (point of view) with more saturation going away from the two guys walking on the beach? I would like to learn your reason how and why you came to this great end result.

    • I guess for me taking some saturation out of the pic creates more emotions. To me it creates a moment in time which doesn’t move anymore. I like to do this in portraits too.

      • I think stopping the moment in time of the two guys walking along the beach is it. Very well achieved. By the way our beaches in WA are much more beautiful but this you can’t change. 🙂

      • I know WA beaches are breathtaking. But I am not complaining. After all I am living on the seaside. That’s already pretty sweet.

      • Yea me too. We are privileged. Only now in winter we get a lot of heavy storms and salt spray to the windows. It the white house on top of the cliff, more looking like a little castle, yours?

      • Haha I wish! We live down in Orange County. This was taken north from Santa Barbara. About 2-3 hours from our place. We love more inland too. No direct view to the ocean.

      • Ahh, I live direct on the ocean. Only a walk way in between. That’s why we go maybe not often down to the beach.

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