Weekly Photo Challenge: Room


Again this is one of my “old” 2007 a picture a day challenge. This is the Montreal’s convention center.

For this weeks photo challenge “room”, I decided to show “room” through architecture. I love this building of course for its colourful windows. It had something so unique to be in a building were everything is flooded in colours.

Montreal, Canada

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31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Room”

  1. Wow what a colourful room so well captured. The colours together with the shade and dark tiles works so well together. A great photograph captured a great architect.

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    • I believe it is fixed now 🙂 Thanks for mentioning it though. I thought it wasn’t too noticeable but actually it was 🙂

      • Perfect 🙂
        Do not worry. Nathalie. Almost all photographers take pictures consistently leaning to the left or to the right. It helps figuring out which side you’re leaning and trying to take it into account when shooting. 😉
        Anyway, I do really like the shot. And apologize for bothering you.

  3. Stunning shot. So many colours, I wonder what most people feel when they’re standing right there, all of the colours falling all over them 😀

    • It is a peculiar feeling. But a great one! I wonder how the architects came up with the idea of building a colourful congress hall.

  4. Wow, amazing architectural design and magnific shot capturing its purpose. The flooding of color painting all around the inner space is a real spectacle. Congrats Nathalie, fabulous entry!

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