Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story


Split-Second Story“. Such a great topic and so difficult to capture. Maybe because it is such a short story. I guess this what the photo challenge is all about: being challenging.

I digged into some of my old travel photos (in the next few weeks a lot of “old” photos which were nearly forgotten, will be loaded up on Le Dot). I recalled this pretty cool shot I took in Vienna: The mysterious man with the hat walking under the arch. Where is he going? When did this happen? In the 2000s or rather at the beginning of the 20th century? The man reminds me of one of those undercover detectives from the 1920s who is a little bit corrupt too.Maybe I am only reading to many thrillers.

I hope that I was able to “capture an image that tells a full story in a single frame“. At leas it made my mind going.

Vienna, Austria

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story”

    • And he created the whole story even though he is this little shadow surrounded by all those signs 🙂 I love catching those unique moments.

  1. HI Nathalie, Great, I was working trough old photos for two days… and guess what I nominated you to participate at the same challenge. Have a look and start working 🙂 Talk to you later.

    • Well lucky you, you’ll see quite a few of my older photos in the next few weeks, months!

      • Ah you are talking about reall old photos! Well my analogue pictures are unfortunately all in Europe.

      • Yes mine I used in the last challenge are from 1975 and 1996. 1975 are all slides,, the other scanned photos.

      • I would have some fun one from the 90s. I even developed some myself. I will have to postpone this challenge until I visit my parents next.

  2. This week’s photo challenge has definitely been challenging. Love your interpretation of it, very creative and great job. A very mysterious feel about your photo with the silhouetted “detective” and shadowed archway. If I were you taking the photo, I might be a bit scared…scared that the unknown creepy guy in a trench coat will suddenly spin around and come running after me like I was a wanted criminal 🙂

  3. Oh, you captured it all right! A wonderful image with the possibility of so many different stories. Great submission.

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