13 thoughts on “Pismo”

  1. So funny. A real Nathalie shot. Minimum you make me laugh… dam I like it…. no really, it’s a great idea, great shot, great framing and great post processing, great realisation 🙂 … and a clean sensor!

    • Intetesting that you call it a real Nathalie shot. I didn’t even figured out that I had a photographic “style”.
      But glad that you enjoy it and that I make you laugh 🙂

      • Ohh, you have a great really style. Stile for perspective and the right angle. I wish I could borrow your eyes even if mine are beautiful blue. 🙂

      • Cheers mate! This means a lot to me! Keep your pretty blue eyes. Mine are “only” brown or as it says on my French passport “noisette”. French do love to make all sound prettier!

      • of course, that’s why my wife is French. 🙂 with dark brown eyes. But I have to check her passports, she has 3 of them. Swiss, Europe and Australian 🙂

      • Hah she beats me then! I “only” have two: German and French. But I have the Australian human being as my partner and our current location being the US mixes the whole thing up again!

      • Yes I guess we are equal. Do I understand it right your partner is Australian and you are living in the US? Do you have the green card?

      • Yes you got it right: My husband is a true Aussie, I am a true European and we ended up in the far West in sunny California. But no we don’t have the green card. We are here on a visa. He is sponsored by his company. So we have the fun part of renewing paper work every two years. Fun stuff.

      • True Aussie. How you like California vs Australia? The paperwork is a headache that’s why we applied for the citizenship. Australia was very easy. From where in AU is he?

      • I have never lived in OZ so I can’t compare. But I can say that Cali is pretty different from Western Europe as you can guess. The weather and the nature is great here, however I miss European culture involving decent public transport, biking and interesting architecture. Every place has its goods and bads I guess. My hubby is from Perth. Regarding citizenship: I believe in the US, we would have to give up our own citizenship which we are both not ready for, so for now we’ll manage the recurrent two-years-headache.

      • I’m in Mandurah it’s only 70km south of Perth. The weather here is also great. That’s why we are here. My wife is from the Cote d’azure and there it’s just too much crowded. The nature here is also great. One hour drive and you are in the nowhere. An other 20 hour drive and you are still in the nowhere. Yes I miss also the European culture and the people are quite different too. Friendship is quite superficial and critic they don’t know, even self critic they don’t know. Australia has changed in the last years quite a lot. Perth is coming busy and is not as good as 10 years ago, but still in Europe we could not afford this lifestyle and a house right on the ocean. I guess the whole world has in the last 10 years some downturn. It’s getting late now. Good night Nathalie

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