Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist


Trail 1, San Onofre, California

This week’s photo challenge is entitled: Twist. I had to take “a photo that says “Twist” to me.” This photo was taken on the beach. Someone had built a wooden and dried seaweed art work. Everything was twisted in and out and together. This particular bit I took a picture off was for me the perfect “twist”. A wavy “twisty” just perfectly fitting to the beach set-up.


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Tea. Music. Waves. Sun. Food. Creations. Laughs. Stills. Moments.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist”

  1. This is a great shot Nathalie. Is the lens blur natural or PS? Is a great crop and edit. 🙂

    • The blur is natural. I usually just adjust the contrast on photoshop if needed. Thanks 🙂

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