I am one of those: Wanting everything at once in a perfect manner. Now! And I keep on comparing myself to those out there who are already successful in whatever they do. And I dream. Does it sound familiar?

Sometimes I need to stop myself to put everything in front of me, think and refocus: What do I like? What do I want? Where are my strengths? What makes me happy?

Transferring all the above into one concrete example: my blog. I started several blogs, at first with a couple of people and then this one on my own, to be more flexible and to be able to work on the content the way I would like to have it. After that, I wanted to be successful with it, get a gazillion hits over night and people loving what I am doing. Why? Because I like compliments and people telling me that what I am doing is awesome. Who doesn’t like it?

I love baking and I started to enjoy taking my camera again and improving my food photography, adding some DIY projects, just to end up like another million blogs, getting the ideas from another blog. Mine happened to be very mediocre for a lot of reasons I know: wanting too much at once, doing everything at once, comparing myself to others and not thinking about what I really like and what my strength is. And suddenly losing my focus. Being a bit of everything but nothing really well done.

Luckily I have lovely friends and a great husband, who help me through my creative development and who help me refocus. And this is the plan of my blog: refocus. Refocus on one specific skill: photography. I am not a professional and I might never be. But along the way I left my camera way too long in a corner even though it helped me to see my world through a new perspective. My camera helps me to dig for the special moments in life next to the everyday routine.

So far the blog has been a great adventure. I can say that my food photography improved tremendously and I enjoyed all the hours spend in the kitchen, but I figured there is more out there than just tasty muffins and granola.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still bake my heart out and eternalize those creations in pictures. But what about the world outside my kitchen? After all, I am a German-French woman with her Australian husband stranded in Southern California. I should embrace this opportunity and get out there!

Also, through focusing on my photography, I can honestly say that all on this blog is my own creation. The issues of plagiarism in recipes and DIY projects online is a big topic and I only occasionally create a recipe from scratch (again, I am not a trained chef). So this is my rule regarding food and DIY: if I create something where I got the instruction from another blog I will kindly link my photo post to the page where the reader can grab the instruction and the owner can get the credit for it. Should I post a creation of mine, I will happily post the instruction, because after all it is my own creation.

I would love to get comments and suggestions about my work. The sole goal of my blog is to improve my photography and connect with inspiring people who are happy to share this passion with me, because when creative heads meet, some new creations come along. Thank you dear friends (you know who you are) and Kris for helping me to refocus.

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    • Thanks Geoff! I hope that I won’t deceive you! And thanks for always coming around! Hope all is well up in SF.

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