Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

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This week’s photo challenge was Monument. Living in Irvine, California, I must say there aren’t really impressive monuments in the area. Mostly because a large part of sunny Orange County is owned by the Irvine Company who tends to build Mediterranean style apartment communities who look alike wherever you go.

So the challenge was literally in finding an impressive construction. However, my friend Grace, who grew up in LA took me to the area of Melrose Ave/ La Brea Ave. I have seen all the touristic places in Los Angeles in the past and they didn’t impress me much; but I must say my day out in the above mentioned area, finally gave me an interesting taste of LA.

Getting back to my photo challenge, I was looking around for impressive building, when I saw this giant Lenin head at the corner of La Brea and 4th St. I knew at this moment that this would be my picture of the week!

I did some research after having taken the photo, to get a bit more information regarding this piece of art, which is called “Miss Mao Trying to Poise Herself at the Top of Lenin’s Head” by the Chinese artist brothers Gao Zhen and Gao Qiang. This link explains a bit more about this sculpture but in short the reflection on the sculpture shows a pretty sad street corner which should be a metaphor for Lenin’s “broken and destructive legacy that brought so much turmoil to Russia. Atop is a very playful inclusion of baby holding a balance stick on top of Lenin’s protruding head, as if walking a tight rope of his disastrous and risky Marxist ideals.”

My Monument happen to be Monumental.


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