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sunday april 6 14 b

Whoever took the time to read my little “about me” page, knows that I started my love for photography at the age of 15. But actually I received my very first camera (a disposable camera) from my older cousin Andreas who was (and hopefully still is) an avid photographer. It was for my sixth birthday. I documented my whole birthday on one film.

Living abroad most of my childhood and teenage years, my parents (and particularly my mum) were always good in keeping memories in pictures to send back home. My mum made so many photo albums which documented all our adventures. Unfortunately a tragic fire burned all the albums. This was a terrible experience to realise that all those memories were gone. Luckily our friends were great in sending us as many photos as possible to reconstruct most of our years in a few albums.

In today’s digital world, my mum is still amazing in printing photos and creating albums. I used to be good at it before the digital time took over and just created a mountain of photography hard drives. I always intend to create physical albums but in the last past ten years I definitely failed in doing so.

Long story short, photography is a wonderful way to document your life, and catch those little moments we enjoy so much. In 2007, I did a 365-photo-project which I documented on Flickr. Unfortunately I don’t have those photos online anymore. However, I know how much this project made me look around everyday for this little special thing which would make my day.

My plan is to do the same here but on a weekly basis. Post a best-of of the past week.

Today I start simple with just a best-of of today. The goal of this daily photo project is to keep me aware of my everyday life. In 2007 I used a point and shoot camera. Now I use the next generation: the smartphone camera. Easy and available anytime.

sunday april 6 14 c sunday april 6 14

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6 thoughts on “Le Dot in Pictures”

  1. sternfalter says:

    I love this idea! How inspiring! I might join you on that photographic journey!

  2. Maman says:

    Bravo pour ces super photos! Kris et Albert sont vraiment très photogéniques !
    La photo du contrat de travail est en effet le début d’une nouvelle aventure humaine! Tout un symbole!
    Je t’embrasse bien fort

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