Gift Bag

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Gift Bag 1
Adapted from Elli

Last week, my manager needed a bag to send over a present to another place. We didn’t have any wrapping paper or gift bag so I quickly asked my friend Google what he had on offer that day. I clicked on this blog and within a few minutes and basic office supply I have a little gift bag.

What you’ll need:

Gift Bag 2

  • 1 cardboard sheet 12″ x 12″/ 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm (This will make a 8″ x 5″/ 20 cm x 13 cm gift bag)
  • Scotch tape
  • Double sided-tape (if you don’t have any just use regular one)
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon
  • Gift Tag


Gift Bag 3

Fold and crease the top of the paper by 3 inches/ 7.5 cm. Add some double-sided tape to have the top hold tighter.

Gift Bag 3b

Fold both sides. One side should slightly overlap the over side when they meet in the middle.

Gift Bag 4

Tape the seem from top to bottom with the double-sided tape.

Gift Bag 5

Fold and crease the bottom of the paper by 3 inches/ 7.5 cm.

Gift Bag 6

Open the bottom section along the folds.

Gift Bag 7

Crease the flaps inward.

Gift Bag 8

Fold the two flaps to meet in the middle.

Gift Bag 9

Use regular scotch tape to tape across the bottom of the bag.

Gift Bag 10

Open the bag and flatten bottom.

Gift Bag 11

Punch holes through the top of the bag.

Gift Bag 12

Make handles by sliding ribbon ends through holes. Add a gift tag to one of the ribbon if you have one.

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