Handmade Apron


Handmade Apron 1

I am a real sewing novice. I tried a few tote bags but nothing looks very professional I believe. I started with an IKEA sewing machine and had real trouble with it, until my friend Gabi, who knows a bit more about sewing, mentioned that something was wrong with the machine itself. So I brought the machine back (great customer service IKEA!) and got a Brother machine. This is definitely more fun.However I still didn’t become an amazing sewer overnight.

My friend Susi and I tried to make an apron. We didn’t measured much. We used an existing apron as a pattern. Everything was sort of okay, beside the rounded up area on the chest area. I still need to practice my curving skills on the machine. The result is nothing to be ashamed of, but enough to make us think that a basic sewing class could be of great help for more pleasure when sewing. I can’t wait to master this!

Handmade Apron 2

A few words about our project: As mentioned, we used an existing apron for the pattern, For the neck holder, we decided to make a side knot, so both ribbons don’t have the same length. I added a front pocket and a little button (on which you could hang a kitchen towel) for more detail work.

Handmade Apron 3

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6 thoughts on “Handmade Apron”

  1. Love the apron girl!!! And cute pictures! Need to come visit you! You are welcome in Kentucky anytime!

    • Yes please come around whenever. Maybe with your scooter 😉 I’d love to visit sometime Kentucky just to make sure that it is not only about chickens there 😉
      Thanks for visiting my blog Selina!

  2. Martine says:

    Super idee!
    Je prends commande et peux en passer d’autres pour mes copines!

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