Green Presents

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Green presents 1

My German grand mother and my French grand father, both had a real green thumb. My grand ma’ would have a lovely veggie patch in her garden, where we could snack fresh peas. My French grand dad always had the most beautiful flowers on his balcony.

Green presents 5

I never really tried gardening before and I always believed that I didn’t inherited this green thumb. However, a few weeks ago I bought a few plants at the store and started to take good care of them. Slowly but surely my tomatoes are becoming bigger and bigger and the pepper bells are becoming heavier and heavier.

Green presents 4

About three weeks ago, I decided to grow plants from scratch. To have the best conditions for the seedlings, I chose to keep them indoors at the window. And indeed, it seems to be a real little paradise for them. I have so  many seedlings that I can literally not keep them all, because our patio is just too small.

Therefore, I asked my friends if they wanted to challenger themselves in growing tomatoes and basil seedlings. We will see how they’ll do.

Green presents 2

Since I didn’t have enough pots to give away, I used large yoghurt pots. Kris was kind enough to make small holes underneath for the water drainage. The pot lids came in handy for a saucer.

Green presents 3

Happy growing and giving!

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